Welcome to Spinurn a practice spin and burn/performance event. Come play with us, or just watch, we will welcome you :)

We do have some basic guidelines to keep everybody safe and keep these events amiable and acceptable for everybody while we're down there. Photography by permission only please and flash photographers need to check with the safetys on duty.

--Pets sometimes run for the fire, please keep them on a leash

--Kids sometimes run for the fire, please keep burning area clear

--Have fun and enjoy the performers!

--Donate to keep these events running

Donation bucket proceeds go to transportation, fuel, batteries, and our quarterly special events. Donations and expenses can be followed online under the finances tab


--Fire performance/practice only in the burning area

--Fuel containers and dip cans only in the fuel area

--Always follow your fire safetys instructions while burning

--Check in with the main safety to coordinate large or out of the ordinary performances

--No empty fuel cans in the trash take them with you!

Checking in to burn is easy weather its your first time or your five thousandth! Find the safety lead or event host to,

--Sign up for your safety shift or compensate someone who is qualified.

--Make your cash or fuel contributions.

--Do your equipment check, and get your stamp.

You're ready to burn with us! Remember to check in with the main safety to coordinate large or out of the ordinary performances. Or if you just need a little help.

If you have a song you'd like played let us know and we'll do our best to get it on the playlist. If we don't have a song getting a copy of it to us is a sure way to get it in the mix!

FYI There is always a burn first aid kit and fire extinguisher nearer to the fuel dump. Big thanks to everybody who has or will help out volunteering making these events safe and fun for everyone :)

Let's all work together to make sure everybody stays safe.

Please make sure you are aware of proper safety precautions (spinning off, fuels, non-flammable clothing) When we are out there, sometimes we get lots of people around. The first time one of us (or even worse our audience) gets hurt it's going to shut down. Please check out...


For safety training.